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The Form I-9 Compliance integration is built into and processed by your clients through the eClientLink web pages. In FRS, you will configure the Electronic Form I-9 and/or the EVP searches by assigning each as one of your Main-Level Other Search Types.

The FRS DataLinX on-line service provides an automated XML interface through FRS to a variety of on-line information providers. The FRS DataLinX module provides direct access to the following providers and the listed products.

According to the experts in this industry, technology is playing a large role in seamless integrations between Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) and Background Screening Platforms in order to decrease the time and effort needed for background checks.

The FRS LinXML Module (pronounced links • M • L) was designed to provide a complete, full- featured data interchange solution for FRS utilizing a set of XML schemas which were developed as a hybrid of the HR-XML Consortium's Background Checking standard.

The FRS PASST on-line service consists of an automated XML interface through the FRS Services to retrieve the PASST social trace report.