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Consumer Reporting Agencies / Background Screening
Successful Switch to FRS
The decision to move to FRS has been one of the best decisions we have made because it will clearly save us money while allowing us to process many more background checks without having to add additional staff. Video
Revenue Growth Up 300%
The feature-rich FRS technology has allowed our organization to take our industry expertise and grow our company over 300 percent! Video
FRS InstaCrim is Thorough and Cost Effective
FRS InstaCrim service, is one of the most rewarding procedure implementations our company has done in the over twenty years. Video
FRS Increases Production
The service we receive from FRS has helped us to secure large fortune 500 customers. Video
FRS Reduces Workload Significantly
FRS has significantly reduced the workload and our staff is now able to complete work faster and more efficiently. Video
FRS Provides Functionality and Flexibility
FRS has actually inspired us to challenge ourselves and to take our work to an all-new level. Video
Converting to FRS
We are happy that we switched to FRS. Video
FRS Revolutionizes Entire Operations
FRS was one of the smartest investments we have made since starting our organization back in 1993. Video
FRS May Have Saved Business
Without FRS, I might be out of business. Video