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Speed When It Counts
Speed When It Counts
Does your background screening business have the Need for Speed? Jennifer Deerman of Quality Counts discusses how FRS, the leading technology for background screening handles the high demands of her business in meeting the needs of her clients for efficient order processing and fast turnaround. The key to this speed is that FRS is web-based but not browser-based, so Jennifer's staff does not waste time waiting on browser pages to refresh. Take a look and experience the speed of FRS for yourself. Video
FRS Employment Screening Software takes Small Business to Serious CRA Competitor
Grace Martinez discusses how the FRS platform has taken CEO Information Solutions from a small business on paper to a serious competitor in the Consumer Reporting Agency (CRA) market. She discusses how the client portal, eClientLink is extremely flexible to allow them to configure this system quickly and easily for each of their clients. Grace also discusses how the FRS Applicant Management Center has greatly reduced their workload and allows their client to process more applicants quickly and effortlessly. She also touches on how the FRS Team is able to meet their customization needs for new client requirements, and these are delivered very quickly as well. Video
Client Satisfied with FRS Software Team and Products
Jen Adams of MYB discusses their satisfaction with the FRS Team, the product and recent user conference. She discusses how FRS is highly flexible for integrations and customizations, how the FRS Team understands their business and technology needs, and the success of the FRS 2012 User Conference. Video
FRS is Key Component to CRA's Success
Al Sparaco discusses how the FRS platform has been a key component of Baker Street's success. He discusses how his clients and staff love it and how they are continuing to find new ways to support their clients through the feature-rich FRS solutions. Al talks about how the FRS staff is always available to serve their business and how the FRS Team quickly translates their client challenges into efficient solutions for the long run. Video
FRS Supports Growth and Satisfies CRA's Clients
Byron Palmer of Southeastern Security Consultants points out key features and benefits of the FRS platform that have supported their growth and satisfied their clients. The discussion includes how FRS streamlines their screening process through smart automation and how FRS makes their day-to-day operations measurably efficient. Byron also points out how the FRS Applicant Management Center and eClientLink solutions set SSCI apart from their competitors. He also touches on the extreme flexibility of FRS to integrate with his client's systems and software which allows him to attract new business. Video
FRS Web-Based Platform vs. Browser-Based
Dee Igo of Ascertain explains why they made the switch from their old browser-based platform to the web-based FRS technology platform. Dee states that in the past 10 years the best business decision they ever made was switching to FRS. As an added bonus, the FRS system is so efficient it has allowed Ascertain to grow their business significantly without hiring new employees. Video