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Successful Switch to FRS


“We are a recent convert to FRS having been on a different platform for the past six years. This was a huge decision for our company since we had more than 1400 clients but the decision was ultimately quite easy because we had outgrown our old platform and needed a more robust system to help us further automate our screening process and to reduce our monthly costs.  I will be the first to admit that migrating 1400 clients to a new software platform is more than a simple task but the FRS Team made the move as smooth as possible especially considering we made the move during our absolute busiest three months of the year.  I have heard constant praise from my team on the FRS system and have had numerous clients email that they love the new system even when they were hesitant to move.  The decision to move to FRS has been one of the best decisions we have made because it will clearly save us money while allowing us to process many more background checks without having to add additional staff.  I highly recommend FRS.”

Mike McCarty, Safe Hiring Solutions, LLC