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SecurTest Recognized in HRO Today Magazine's Baker's Dozen

FRS, the most highly selected background screening technology platform, announced today that it is proud to congratulate SecurTest, Inc. of Athens, Georgia for its recognition in HRO Today magazine's top ranking of the Bakers Dozen Employment Screening Providers. This annual ranking from HRO Today magazine highlights the Top 13 employment screening firms out of 5000+ providers in the entire industry. This ranking is based upon a variety of factors related to their businesses including breadth, scope, scale and the quality of the screening services they provide. SecureTest joins three other leaders in the employment screening industry who also utilize FRS in their screening operations. With 4 of the top 13 screening firms utilizing the FRS platform, this provides strong evidence and reinforces the FRS message that "Our Clients Finish First!"

SecurTest Inc., one of the nation's premier background screening companies ranked third on the HRO Today's Baker's Dozen for 2011. “FRS has exceeded our expectations on the performance and reliability of their screening platform and the access to premium data resources. Because of FRS and its rapid scalability and interoperability features, we have completed key integrations in 2011 with major clients. The feature-rich FRS technology has allowed our organization to take our industry expertise, developed over many years, and grow our company over 300 percent this year”, said SecurTest Inc.'s President and CEO Steven C. Millwee, CPP. SecurTest has quickly become one of the leading providers of background checks for employers and various government branches, largely due to its patented iReviewNow. “The first and only patent of its kind held by a background screening solution provider, iReviewNow solves the problems currently being addressed in EEOC hearings and the rising number of class-action lawsuits and FCRA claims regarding inaccuracies and lack of documented compliance to the consumer laws”, said Phil Chapman, President at FRS. “Our strategic partnership which leverages the expertise of FRS and iReviewNow is part of our business DNA for success”, said Millwee.

“The FRS platform is meticulously designed around our clients' requirements to support the rapid rollout of new products and services, which we believe have become the standard tools of choice in the industry. Our team has developed a very responsive culture along with support procedures necessary to meet our clients' needs for enhancements, seamless integrations and limitless scalability. We are proud that FRS clients are well represented in this HRO Today ranking as the nation's most progressive and innovative screening providers”, said Chapman.
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About SecurTest
SecurTest has a proven record of accomplishment for successfully helping private, public and government sector employers protect their most sensitive infrastructures and human assets by finding quality employees and vendors that meet the rigorous demands for a safer and more secure work environment since 1978. SecurTest integrates leading-edge background screening, HR and security solutions with our exclusive patented methodology and expertise to make the workplace, workforce, and sensitive infrastructures safer and more secure. Our one-of-a-kind iReviewNow Screening and Compliance methods elevates background screening to the highest and most Accuratized Reporting solution today. SecurTest is a privately-held company founded in 1978 and headquartered in Athens, Georgia.