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Criminal Research Specialist

Want to work with a company that is intimately familiar with your needs and challenges as a criminal research specialist (CRS)? When the Flexible Research System (FRS) was originally created in 1993, it began as a criminal and civil research processing tool. We have never forgotten our roots in criminal and civil research, which allowed us to be where we are today. If you are a research company that specializes in criminal, civil, and other court research, you have discovered the gold standard for research technology in our industry. For nearly 2 decades, we have continually refined FRS to exceed your expectations for criminal and civil research.

With our proprietary gateway, you will have access to more than 150 Consumer Reporting Agencies (CRAs) who are in critical need of your services. Although the majority of our CRAs are on our FRS platform, we have many CRAs that are integrated through using their own proprietary system that can support your growth, as well. Stated differently, you have many options for obtaining orders for research!

The FRS Advantage

No more Billing Headaches.  FRS has completely integrated billing with full invoicing capabilities.

Efficiently Track Orders with FRS’ extensive order tracking mechanisms.

Save time. Your FRS System will automatically Fax and Email search requests and results reports directly to your clients for you. You don’t have to lift a finger.

Full Client and Researcher Management.

Increase your visibility, gain new business and streamline your operations. Inclusion in the FRS Research Network can raise awareness of your company, optimize your operations and help you garner new business.

FRS Delivers Informative, Detailed Reports Quickly
As Criminal Research Specialists (CRS), Kim Costellanos and Michelle Carpenter of AccuSearch need a user-friendly technology platform that can deliver informative and extremely detailed oriented reports quickly. They chose FRS because it does exactly that. Video
FRS Technology Helps Business Grow
Do you have to put a cap on your business growth because you don't have the technology and man power to handle it? That is exactly where Sarah Shank with Roundstone Inc. was before FRS. Once they made the switch to FRS they were no longer at a place forced to have a ceiling on the volume of work they could do. Video
FRS Software the Key to Company's Growth and Extreme Success
Chad Weber of Affirm Background Screening discusses how the FRS platform has been a key component to the growth and extreme success of his business. He discusses how FRS's intuitive design helps make his background screening workflow seamless and how the FRS Team translates his client requirements into workable solutions which keeps his clients happy. Chad also discusses that a key to his company's success has been the integrations that FRS has quickly and efficiently delivered for his company when needed and he describes how the FRS Team who supports his business are like "family" and that calling FRS for customer service is like calling a friend. Video
FRS Managed Services Brings Peace of Mind
With FRS support managing and monitoring our FRS system, it will always be operating correctly. Video
FRS Fills the Need
FRS makes the changes and updates needed to keep all of their clients at the top of their game. Video
Explored Options, Chose FRS
If you're in the employment background business, then you need to be using FRS. Video
FRS Technical Support is Fantastic
FRS system has run great; I don't know how I got along without it. Video
FRS Gives Unique Advantage
FRS is the best employment screening software on the face of the planet. Video
Collective Intelligence
We have been with Team FRS for nearly 10 years. Their product is outstanding, to say the least. Video
Affirm Background Screening
Day-to-day operations are extremely easy because FRS is so intuitive. FRS is very useful to our business because the updates to the software applications are a direct result of the actual user's input from our industry. Video