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Criminal Research Specialist
Collective Intelligence

We have been with Team FRS for nearly 10 years. Their product is outstanding, to say the least. In addition, their extensive integration capabilities have allowed us to connect with many gateway partners for receiving and delivering completed orders as well as obtaining information from hundreds of vendors. This complement to their solution has allowed us to grow beyond our wildest expectations! Our growth has been phenomenal and achieving this growth would not have been possible without FRS and the technical team that supports us. Their competitors bug me on a pretty regular basis. Those guy’s problem is that they have a long way to go before they even come close to understanding this industry and what their products would need to do to keep us at the top of our game like FRS does!

About Collective Intelligence
Collective Intelligence, Inc. provides affordable and accurate screening services for thriving businesses across the country.  Whether you are a small, family-owned operation conducting your first background searches or an international corporation conducting thousands of searches annually, our dedicated staff and progressive technology streamline the background screening process for you.  We are background experts.  We know what you need and how to get it to you, while focusing on your bottom line.  Find out more at