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We needed additional functionality which was not provided within our background check vendor’s platform in order to improve our overall efficiency and capabilities. FRS was able to work with our team and understand precisely the added functionality that we were requesting.  Then, they designed and created exactly what we had requested according to our specifications, and they implemented it directly into our vendor’s platform. The end result was a platform solution with much more functionality, ease-of-use, and one that was extremely efficient. FRS made us feel as our problem was their’s and that they wanted to partner with us during the entire process. They worked with us hand-in-hand to obtain a full understanding of exactly what we needed, and because of that, they were able to deliver a solution that has made our HR Department more efficient and has positively impacted our organization’s bottom line.

In addition, FRS recently worked directly with our IT department to build a direct integration to our proprietary HRIS system.  We knew that they had integrated to many of the commercial ATS and HRIS systems.  However, when we approached them about helping us to integrate our own HRIS directly to our background check provider, we were quite impressed.  Within one week, they had worked with our IT team to identify the requirements and design a solution.  Then two weeks later, FRS had their side of the integration developed and in place with easy-to-follow detailed specifications for our team. This made it simple to complete this integration and gave us a powerful, end-to-end solution for our background check processes.  FRS truly understands what HR needs as well as the background check providers they support, and they definitely have a firm grasp on the entire picture which has helped us tremendously!  

Rebecca Elzarad, PHR Manager, HR Services