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The FRS Advantage

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The revolutionary technology of FRS has been evolving since 1993 and offers many advantages that cannot be found in any other solution available for background screening. Our unique, scalable solutions are tailored to meet the individual needs of each of our clients and designed with their specific needs and goals in mind. It is this approach that has led many of the background screening industry’s leaders to rely upon FRS for the management of their day-to-day operations and competitive edge.

We truly "partner" with you. Our company made the Inc 5000 List of the Fastest Growing companies in five different years and we continue to strive to help our clients build their companies through our partnership with them.  Thus, in turn, many of our background screening clients have also made this Inc 5000 List.

Here are the key advantages that FRS provides that you won't find with any other background screening platform provider:

Powerful. FRS is powerful enough to handle your most demanding clients’ wishes, with comprehensive client-level settings and smart technology enabling lightning fast turnaround times.

Proven. FRS Clients continue to place in HRO Today Baker’s Dozen of the leading background screening providers. Consistently, year after year, FRS clients continue to win more industry awards and achieve greater profitability than their peers.

Preferred. FRS is by far the background screening industry’s most widely utilized technology – in use by more than 250 successful companies! Collectively, at these successful employment screening firms, over 100,000 background checks are processed every day.

We truly "Partner" with you!

Here are the key advantages that FRS provides that you won’t find with other screening platform providers:

Targeted Business Referrals

#1 Provider of ATS Solutions

  • FRS Applicant Management Center

  • Exclusive ATS partnership offerings

  • Integrations to 35+ leading ATS systems

Business and Compliance Consulting

  • Increase your market share with rapid customizations

  • FCRA Certified account manager consulting with you

  • Combined 135 years of screening & operations experience

Largest Integrated Research Network

  • Most powerful library of integrated sources

  • Streamlined access to 70+ criminal research providers

  • Direct integrations to leading data services

We'll Put You On A Right Path!

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