Announcing the New FRS Global Security Search

FRS is very pleased to announce the release of its new Global Security Search. This new instant search, provided under the FRS DataLinX product line, is a collection of U.S. and international searches that can be configured in a variety of ways within FRS to provide clients with a very powerful tool for expanding their screening program.

The FRS Global Security Search is comprised of three different expansive search components for Watch Lists and Sanctions, Politically-Exposed Persons and Adverse Global Media records.

The “Watch Lists and Sanctions” component provides up-to-date access to the most inclusive, government published watch lists available. This ensures utilization of accurate data to determine if a subject is barred or has received any type of censure by financial, criminal and/or regulatory authorities globally. The Watch Lists and Sanctions product currently obtains target data from over 1,500 sources with more than 4 million records and is continuously enhanced with newly identified sources. FRS continuously monitors global sources to ensure that the latest published source lists are acquired and implemented to provide the most current, comprehensive and official sources available at all times. Watch List and Sanction searches are also configurable by subsets to allow FRS sites to customize their Other Search Type offerings to uniquely meet each client’s needs. This large compilation of records can also be searched by any combination of the sanctions, terrorism, crime, OFAC, financial, medical and Sam.Gov / EPLS subsets.

The “Politically-Exposed Persons” (PEP) component provides access to the most current and inclusive government published PEP lists available. This data includes the history of persons of political interest dating as far back as the 1700s with the critical details needed by both you and your clients. Official authorities maintain and update these records. The Politically Exposed Person product includes target data from over 1,000 sources with more than 3 million records. We constantly monitor global sources to make certain that the latest published source information is available for your client’s screening needs.

The “Global Adverse Media” component searches thousands of global news sources, capturing articles of interest from breaking news, current events and relevant media dating back to the early 1900s. Enhanced due diligence is available through the utilization of this search on a subject (person or business entity). This product is based on a proprietary process that searches for data matches of thousands of adverse “Key Word Strings” to obtain results. These data extracts are 100% behavioral and are not based only on a subject’s name. This process exposes any subjects considered as a person of interest, but does not return unwarranted information. Only returning data of concern, it streamlines the adjudication process for the user. This functionality is many times more dynamic than the delimited data files obtained through similar solutions.

The implementation of this incredible set of search tools has been carefully integrated into the FRS suite of screening solutions to allow you to create customized searches using a combination of these products and watch list subsets to fully meet each of your client’s unique needs. FRS sites can configure the incredibly flexible “Other Search Type” option to create as many different searches as needed to build custom search offerings using one or multiple components available through this dynamic product.

“Providing the latest and most up-to-date information for the background screening needs of our valued clients and their customers has always been at the heart of the services that we strive to offer”, said Phil Chapman, President at FRS. “We are extremely pleased to bring these new global search products with uniquely flexible configuration options to our clients and are excited about how these will help improve their businesses.”

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