FRS Expands InstaCrim Jurisdictions to Provide Even More Coverage

FRS, the leading provider of technology and services to the background screening industry, announced today that it has released another upgrade to the FRS InstaCrim solution. This release provides even more coverage of the criminal court jurisdictions available with this powerful integration.

At FRS, one of the key components of our background screening technology and services business has been in providing the all-important automation of the required searches that our CRA clients offer to their customers. Our clients’ businesses require access to a large amount of information to properly perform a background check. In these endeavors, accuracy, automation and quick turnaround are keys to ensuring their success. Therefore, we continuously strive to enable our clients with the latest and most advanced technologies, especially in the area of providing automated access to the information they need to run their businesses in the most efficient manner. To that end, FRS has completed yet another expansion of its InstaCrim criminal court solution.

In release 3.00 of FRS InstaCrim, criminal court searches were added to automate research in the following U.S. jurisdictions:

• 1 additional county in GA
• 11 additional counties in FL
• 8 additional counties in IL
• 16 additional counties in OH
• 3 additional counties in TX
• A new VA Statewide search

With this expansion of jurisdictional coverage, InstaCrim now provides criminal coverage of 48% of the U.S. counties enabling direct access to more than 1,500 different counties, 22 out of the 50 statewide searches and full nationwide coverage for Federal Criminal searches.

In addition to the new jurisdiction expansion for InstaCrim, this powerful FRS integration continues to include the following highly advanced tools that enormously enhance the processing of criminal court searches for our clients who run FRS as their platform of choice for background screening:

> The Intelli-Hits Review Tool which gives the users of FRS a very powerful solution for reviewing, proofing and qualifying all of the hits returned via InstaCrim.
> An incredible set of Name-Matching and DOB-Matching technologies to provide an extremely accurate and fully automated search of these criminal court sites.

In addition, the FRS Team has always performed an incredible amount of due diligence in vetting the jurisdictions we provide through InstaCrim and implement a very hefty QA testing schedule prior to releasing any of these jurisdictions. The InstaCrim solution only integrates to the criminal court sites that are classified and accepted as the Predominantly Used Indexes for these jurisdictions. This is extremely important to us so that we can assure our clients regarding their confidence in the information that is returned to help in allowing them to deliver a solid criminal search. InstaCrim continues to provide a tremendous value in terms of cost and labor savings, vastly improved turnaround times, as well as quality and reliability. The FRS Team continues our dedication to make the InstaCrim solution even better.

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